Recruitment services to help you hire the best from India & Nepal.

Connecting people to
endless job opportunities.

Struggling to find the perfect candidate for the vacant positions at your company?

We can connect you with top professionals from Nepal & India, not actively looking but open to great opportunities. Your opportunity, perhaps?

3.4 million

reach from company's social media pages and digital advertisements.

11,500+ candidates

active job-seekers are in our database looking for jobs locally and abroad.

Global hires

specialise in local talent acquisitions across multiple geographies.

Are you a job seeker?

choose the appropriate option based on your needs.

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Unlock Your Potential: Your Energised Career Partner

We’re passionate about connecting top talent! Why? 
Jobs profoundly impact lives. Nurturing strong talent relationships fuels client success. Our laser focus: matching outstanding people with ideal roles. Unlocking ambitions for all! Talent thrives, clients excel – it’s a win-win.

Our Expertise

Services we offer

With a profound passion for talent, our team is the catalysts of career advancement and business growth. Backed by years of industry expertise, they specialise in the intricate art of recruitment and digital marketing.

At the heart of our operation lies an unwavering commitment to connecting exceptional talent with thriving organisations. Explore our comprehensive suite of services and experience a transformative journey towards excellence.

Recruitment Marketing

Boost your hiring success with strategic recruitment marketing that attracts top talent and drives results. Start building your dream team today!

Sourcing & Acquisition

Find and hire the best talent for your company through strategic talent acquisition. Let us help you build a strong team that drives your business.

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Digital Marketing

Maximize your online presence and reach your target audience with expert digital marketing strategies. Elevate your brand.

Social Media Management

Unlock the power of social media with seamless social media management. Engage your audience, build brand loyalty, and drive impactful results.

Why work with us?

Who are we?

At D&B Placements, we specialise in unearthing hidden gems. We bypass traditional job boards and tap into a network of passive candidates, individuals who possess the right skills and experience, but haven’t hit the “apply” button.

This unique expertise allows us to provide exceptional recruitment and placement services. We go beyond resumes, uncovering passionate individuals who perfectly align with your organisation’s culture and values.

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How we do it?

Placement Process

Our distinct six-stage recruitment process is designed to provide an efficient way to identify, evaluate, & hire top talent for our clients.
Initial consultation

1. Initial Consultation

candidate search

2. Candidate Search

screening & evaluation

3. Screening & Evalutaion

shortlisting consideration

4. Shortlisting & Consideration

facilitation for interview

5. Facilitation for Interview

6. Hiring & Placement

What our clients & candidates say

Find the needle in a haystack: Recruit game changing talent

Forget the endless stream of generic applications, from job boards and social media advertising! Build an exceptional team, and attract the undiscovered stars who’ll drive innovation for your company.

Partner with D&B Placements and unlock hidden gems your job board is missing, not just resumes, but who’ll inspire your future. Let’s chat.

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