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The  recruitment agency, offering expert talent acquisition and tailored recruitment solutions for businesses and job seekers.

We offer customised recruitment solutions for Siliguri & West Bengal, catering to your unique hiring needs.

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Discover the best recruitment agency in Siliguri and experience top-notch talent acquisition with our services. At D&B Placements, we pride ourselves on being one of the leading recruitment agencies in Siliguri, dedicated to matching exceptional candidates with premier companies in the region.

Our deep understanding of the local job market and extensive network make us stand out among the best recruitment agency in Siliguri. Whether you're an employer seeking skilled professionals or a job seeker looking for exciting opportunities, our expert team is committed to delivering unparalleled recruitment solutions tailored to the unique needs of Siliguri's thriving business community.

Local Expertise

As one of the best recruitment agency in Siliguri, we offer unmatched local expertise. Our deep understanding of Siliguri's job market ensures perfect matches for businesses and job seekers alike.

Diverse Talent Pool

The best recruitment agency in Siliguri offer diverse talent pools. We excel in finding qualified professionals for education, hospitality, IT, and more, ensuring the perfect match for your Siliguri-based team.

Client-Centric Approach

As one of the best recruitment agency in Siliguri, we offer access to diverse talent. Our expertise spans education, hospitality, IT, and more, ensuring ideal matches for your Siliguri business needs.

Facing shortages of skilled staff? We can help.

As one of the best recruitment agency in Siliguri, we provide comprehensive talent sourcing services across multiple sectors. Local businesses can tap into our extensive network of qualified candidates from various industries.

Our tailored approach sets us apart from other recruitment agencies in Siliguri, ensuring we address your unique hiring needs. Count on our expertise to guide you through every step of the recruitment process, from initial talent search to final placement. When seeking the best recruitment agencies in Siliguri, choose us for superior access to skilled professionals and customized hiring solutions designed to meet your specific business objectives.

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Happy Clients & Candidates

Clients praise our efficient process and quality candidates. Candidates appreciate our clear communication and personalised approach. Both value our industry expertise and responsiveness.

I had a wonderful experience with D&B Placements team led by Prerna. She was instrumental in bringing the desired opportunity to me and very patiently guided me through the entire process end to end from identifying opportunity till onboarding me to the new company.

Sandeep Sudhekar

I had a very smooth experience with D&B onboarding. Prerna was meticulously understanding about the potential employee and employer match. She spent quite a good amount of time to understand my requirements and I would say she has done an amazing job to understand people.

Sudhir Sandhu

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