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Executive Search

At D&B Placements, we’re happy to help our clients find the best candidates for senior-level positions. We take a personalised approach to each job opening, listening carefully to our clients’ needs and discussing their requirements individually. This way, we can find the perfect fit for each role.

D&B Placements is a very professional recruitment firm. I was approached by Josna from D&B Siliguri office with a great opportunity at a college in Kathmandu. Right from the initial approach, until I received an offer letter, she has been very active and efficient in managing my interview process. Their team really epitomizes how a recruitment firm should run. I'm glad to have been associated with Josna and D&B Placement and I highly recommend it to job seekers.

Deepika Shah


Talent Acquisition

Embark on a transformative journey with D&B Placements’ Talent Acquisition service, where precision meets personalisation. Our seasoned HR specialists bring a strategic and innovative approach to finding top-tier talent tailored to your unique organisational needs. With a global reach extending to India and Nepal, we seamlessly blend local expertise with a keen understanding of diverse markets.

At D&B Placements, we go beyond filling positions – we forge lasting partnerships, ensuring your team is not just skilled but aligned with your company’s vision. Choose us for expertise that matters, a strategic long-term vision, and innovation-driven solutions, and let us elevate your workforce to new heights of success.

talent acquisition

A very professional company. Very specific mention about Prerna Pradhan maam. One of the recruiter from D&B Placements . She was crystal clear in communication and explained the profile deeply. Which helped me to understand the job requirement better.

Tanuja Chandra

recruitment marketing

Recruitment Marketing

Experience unparalleled excellence with D&B Placements’ Sourcing and Placement service, where we redefine recruitment by seamlessly connecting exceptional talent with progressive organisations. Our strategic sourcing methodology goes beyond the conventional, unearthing hidden gems in the talent pool through an extensive network and cutting-edge tools.

When it comes to placement, we tailor solutions with precision, ensuring not only a match in skills but a harmonious fit with your company culture.

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Our team offers a bespoke service to meet your individual needs, whether you’re looking for skilled staff or a new role. Start your journey with us.

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