Want to effectively market to Gen Z?

Want to effectively market to Gen Z?

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In this blog post will examine the results of poll carried-out by “Mastering Marketing” for generating ROI, and then delve into crafting a marketing strategy specifically for Gen Z.

We will explore the unique characteristics of this demographic and provide tips for effectively targeting and marketing to them. By utilising the right approach, businesses can establish strong connections with Gen Z and foster a dedicated customer base. Let’s begin.

Result of the poll on “Best platform for ROI”

This week’s results were noteworthy. We received a significant number of responses through various channels, and SEO emerged as the winner. In my opinion, email can be an incredibly powerful channel, particularly if you have a large and engaged audience, as it can drive more than just sales – including reviews, referrals, cross-selling, and customer retention. However, SEO has the potential to scale your business significantly, given that you have a good understanding of it and can establish authority in the appropriate niche. What’s your perspective on this?

Poll results
Data source – SK Agency

How to target Gen Z

Generation Z is the latest group to join the worldwide consumer market, as they are now old enough to make purchasing decisions. This generation has distinct attitudes, behaviours, and expectations compared to previous ones, making it essential to comprehend these aspects, as well as their needs, wants, and preferences, in order to effectively connect with them. Therefore, let’s begin by gaining an understanding of Gen Z.

Who are Gen Z?

The demographic group known as “Gen Z” includes individuals born between 1995 and 2010. They are the first generation to have grown up with the internet and are considered digital natives, fluent in new technologies and valuing convenience above all else.

Additionally, Gen Z is known to be highly charitable, with 90% of them willing to maintain or increase their donations to charitable causes despite inflation.

They are also more inclined to spend money on experiences rather than material possessions, and have a higher rate of pursuing higher education than millennials.

They are also less price-sensitive than previous generations. These characteristics make Gen Z a valuable demographic for businesses.

Targeting Tactics

Personalise your content

Gen Z values human connection, and they anticipate businesses to be attentive to their needs and expectations. To make your marketing strategy more appealing to them, personalise your content as much as possible. Segment your email marketing campaigns accordingly and tailor your ad campaigns for personalisation.

Review your Social Media Strategy

To effectively connect with this demographic, it’s important to use the right platforms. TikTok has 28% of users aged 10-19 and 35% aged 20-29, out of a total of over 1.2 billion users worldwide, making it a great option for targeting Gen Z.

Similarly, Instagram is a must-have with 31% of users between 18-24 years old and 31.2% between 25-34 years old, and also with more than one billion monthly active users.

YouTube is also a top priority for this demographic, with some sources stating that it’s the most used platform among teenagers, with 95% of them using it daily.

Data on social trends indicates that Gen Z still uses Facebook, but not as much as the above-mentioned platforms. Snapchat is also worth considering, coming in fourth on the list of most used platforms by Gen Z. Note that teenage boys are more likely to use YouTube than teenage girls, who prefer TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Make sure to utilise these platforms and keep track of the data to see which ones perform best for your specific audience. Remember to maintain a consistent brand identity across social media channels. Use catchy headlines and engaging captions and make use of hashtags. ”

Use Visual Content

Gen Z is highly visual and this is reflected in their preference for the platforms mentioned above. However, it doesn’t mean that they don’t consume other types of content such as blogs or podcasts; they may prefer short-form visual content over long-form if the value is the same. Therefore, it is essential to prioritise video marketing and the use of these platforms.

High-quality, visually appealing images and videos, vibrant brand colours, and virtual reality experiences are all types of shareable content that will captivate this audience and keep them engaged. Utilise features such as Instagram stories, reels, and YouTube Shorts, and make use of plenty of emojis in your posts to grab their attention.

Develop your Brand identity and Voice

As you are aware, your brand identity is the personality conveyed by your business or products, and is reflected through your brand voice. Since Gen Z values authenticity in their purchases and experiences, it is vital to perfect both, ensuring that they create the desired impression of your brand among this demographic.

Your brand voice should be consistent across your website copy, social media posts, product descriptions, and all other channels.

It is also crucial to communicate with Gen Z in their own language. You can gain insight into this by observing user-generated content from individuals in this age group, as well as the language used by popular influencers among them.

Showcase your values

As previously mentioned, Gen Z places a strong emphasis on authenticity and corporate social responsibility. They are inclined to support brands that align with their values. Clearly communicate how your products make a positive impact on the world and support social causes, and be transparent about your values and business practices. In fact, 45% of Gen Z is motivated to engage with a brand they perceive as trustworthy and transparent.

Gen Z is quick to block or cancel brands that falsely present themselves on such issues, it is essential to back up your claims and show concrete actions your company is taking to benefit society. If your products are ethically made, provide proof. If your data is stored on servers powered by green energy, make it known to your audience. Above all, avoid making false claims, as this generation is not easily deceived.

Use Influencer Marketing

Gen Z is heavily influenced by online personalities and is more likely to purchase a product or service from a social media influencer than a traditional celebrity. And since Gen Z is highly loyal to their favourite brands and engaged with social causes, using influencer marketing is a key strategy.

Work with relevant and high-quality influencers that align with your business’ values; for example, if you sell eco-friendly clothing, partner with an influencer who is an environmentalist. These partnerships will help reach a wider audience and enhance your credibility among this demographic.

Choosing the right influencer is not only about their values – look for those with a strong following and engagement.

In summary, ensure that the influencer resonates with your audience to increase the chances of positive outcomes, such as increased brand awareness and sales.

Create immersive and Interactive experiences

To effectively reach Gen Z, it is important to create interactive experiences that engage your customers and provide them with deeper understanding of your brand. As previously mentioned, virtual reality is an effective tool for this purpose, as well as incorporating music and visual effects in your videos.

You can also create interactive campaigns by offering opportunities for customers to become a part of your brand, such as competitions like Twitter’s branded hashtag challenge, or hosting online events such as webinars and workshops. These events should be engaging, entertaining, and allow customers to learn more about your brand and products.

Keep your content fresh

Gen Z is drawn to novelty. To keep your marketing efforts engaging and prevent your audience from becoming bored, it’s important to diversify your content. A simple way to do this is by repurposing content and experimenting with different formats – for example, converting a blog series into a video format or vice versa. These unexpected changes will capture their attention and help keep your content production costs low.

Get to the point – fast

Gen Z has a brief attention span. This demographic expects prompt and efficient results, and if they don’t receive them, they move on. Therefore, it’s important to convey the core message quickly in any marketing material.

However, if your content is highly engaging and entertaining, the users may pay attention for longer, solely because of the entertainment value. For instance, a humorous advertisement, even if the key message comes at the end, viewers will be watching until the end, so they won’t miss it or stop watching early.

Offer incentives

Gen Z values instant gratification and expects companies to respond promptly to their needs.
Providing incentives such as free samples, discounts, free shipping, and giveaways can help build relationships, collect data, and generate leads. This strategy should be applied to all demographics, but it’s even more important for Gen Z as they expect this level of engagement.

Provide Excellent Customer Support

Gen Z is highly vocal about their dissatisfaction, and when they have a positive experience, they tend to share it with others. Therefore, while customer service should always be a priority, it is especially crucial for this generation to prevent reputational damage. Additionally, closely monitoring customer reviews can help address concerns promptly.

Wrapping up

While Gen Z may not be the easiest demographic to satisfy, they can be loyal once you’ve established credibility. This means demonstrating authenticity and the ability to entertain.

To summarise, key points to remember are: personalise your marketing efforts, target them on the appropriate platforms (such as TikTok and YouTube for video marketing, and Instagram), use high-quality visual content, clearly communicate your values and be transparent about your corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Also, utilising influencer marketing, incorporating novelty, providing incentives, and getting to the point quickly can help keep their attention. By keeping these tips in mind, you will be well-equipped to engage with this audience.

In conclusion, Gen Z is a unique and valuable demographic that presents its own set of challenges and opportunities for businesses. By understanding their values, preferences, and behaviours, as well as utilising the right platforms and creating interactive experiences, businesses can effectively reach and engage this demographic.

Remember to be authentic, transparent, and provide incentives to retain their loyalty.

Now that you have the tools and knowledge to connect with Gen Z, it’s time to put it into action. Start by reviewing your current marketing strategy and see where you can make adjustments to better reach and engage this demographic.

Keep an eye on the data and trends to see which strategies are working best for your audience.

Remember, building strong relationships with Gen Z is not a one-time effort, it’s a continuous process. Keep experimenting and adapting to the changing preferences of Gen Z to stay ahead of the curve.

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