International Companies Hiring around the world | A guide

International Companies Hiring around the world | A guide

International Companies Hiring around the world

In today’s world, international companies hiring are opening doors for ambitious professionals in Asia. Companies hiring from India, Nepal (and across the region) are no exception. This trend is fuelled by the rise of global companies hiring remotely or on-site and the growing demand for skilled talent.

The appeal is clear: imagine landing a job at a tech giant, working with cutting-edge technology, and collaborating with colleagues from diverse backgrounds – all from the comfort of your home in Nepal! But the benefits go beyond that. International companies hiring often provide opportunities for travel and cultural immersion, giving you a global perspective that can’t be replicated in a local role. These companies are also known for investing in professional development, so you’ll have access to training and mentorship that will accelerate your career growth.

This list features a selection of international companies hiring right now, actively seeking talented individuals from India, Nepal and across Asia. Companies hiring from Nepal are increasingly recognizing the value of a diverse workforce, and with the rise of global companies hiring remotely, location is no longer a barrier.

This curated list highlights organizations offering exciting opportunities to work with cutting-edge technology, collaborate with a multicultural team, and gain invaluable experience. Whether you’re seeking a job at a tech giant or aiming to break into a specific industry, this list is a great starting point for your international job search.

Don’t wait! Dive deeper into this list and discover a wide range of remote work opportunities and jobs at tech giants across various industries. With a little exploration, you might just find the perfect role that lets you leverage your skills while working for a globally recognized company. Remember, with companies hiring from Asia becoming more common, your dream job could be closer than you think.


Berlin, Germany

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dublin, Ireland



Glasgow, Scotland


Warsaw, Poland

Zurich, Switzerland

EF Education First

Riga, Latvia


Stockholm, Sweden



Agentur loop

Paris, France



Bangkok, Thailand


South Africa





NameLocation(s)Roles sponsoredCareers pageRelocation bonus?
StripeLondon, UK
Dublin, IE
ShopifyToronto/Ottawa, CA
London, UK
Berlin, DE
SpotifyStockholm, SE
London, UK
KlarnaStockholm, SE
Berlin, DE
ZalandoBerlin, DE
Dublin, IE
Helsinki, FI
Dortmund, NRW
DeliveryheroBerlin, DEEngineering
DatadogParis, FR
London, UK
RevolutBerlin, DE
Krakow, PL
IntercomLondon, UK
Dublin, IE
Design, Engineering, Product
Diet DoctorStockholm, SEVarious
HelloFreshBerlin, DEEngineering
EtsyDublin, IEEngineering
HashicorpBerlin, DE
London, UK
TransferwiseLondon, UKEngineering
SkyscannerLondon, UKSenior engineering roles
TwilioLondon, UKEngineering
MonzoLondon, UKEngineering/Product
DeliverooLondon, UKEngineering
GoCardlessLondon, UKEngineering
WeaveworksLondon, UKEngineering
CiscoLondon, UKEngineeringN/AN/A
VMWareLondon, UKTanzu engineering
AdyenAmsterdam, NLEngineeringhttps://careers.adyen.comN/A
Booking.comAmsterdam, NLEngineering
QuantumBlackGlobalData Science
Data Engineering
Machine Learning Engineering
Software Engineering
Product Management
TrivagoDusseldorf, DESoftware Engineering
Media and Marketing
AttestLondon, UKEngineering/Design/Product


Do we require degree to apply for these jobs?

Yes! All jobs listed here require degree in related field, however experience is not a major issue.

How about the visa arrangements?

Many of these companies offer visa sponsorship and relocation assistance to support their international employees’ moves

 From where did you collect the above information?

The information was collected from various sources, including LinkedIn posts where people share their experiences joining companies, job descriptions that explicitly mention visa sponsorship, online communities for companies and EU job boards

Can interns apply to international internships as well?

Many companies don’t offer sponsorship for internships, but some companies, such as Meta, Amazon, and Mercari, do provide sponsorship for intern positions.

What are the interview process?

The hiring process varies from company to company. Some companies may conduct 2-3 rounds of interviews, followed by tasks or online assessments to evaluate your skills and fit for the job.

 What’s the best way to apply to these companies?

To apply for a job, you can go directly to the company’s career website. You can also try contacting the person in charge of hiring through LinkedIn or Twitter. Another way to get noticed is to reach out to the hiring manager or recruiter directly.

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