How to Avoid Focusing on Targeting and Create a Stronger Facebook Ad

How to Avoid Focusing on Targeting and Create a Stronger Facebook Ad

Facebook ads targeting

Facebook ad targeting vs creative copy.

Facebook ads are the perfect place to get exposure for your business, and you don’t always have to pay for clicks to reach a potential customer. The massive amount of people using Facebook at any given time makes it a great place to reach people interested in your products and services, or who may be looking to buy. When you use Facebook ads, it’s important that your ad is targeted so that you can reach the right customers and engage them in an effective way.

Let’s talk about targeting. You’re making your ad creative but what you should know is Facebook has a target audience of 2.8 billion people and 2.3 million in India alone, and is working towards a global audience by the end of 2023. So, what do you need to know about Facebook targeting?

Facebook user chart 2022

Here, I want to point out just one huge truth about Facebook ads after iOS 14 update.

Things are totally messed up, but as an agency owner that runs hundreds of ads per month for clients in many countries I want to add this small tip.

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about what the new privacy settings will mean for advertisers. I have heard and seen most of the advertisers and even my clients ask me about targeting help. After Apple’s latest iPhone update, iOS 14 and after, users may or may not opt in to track them by advertisers. This means that you should create better content for your ads that won’t be targeted at specific users.

So instead of worrying about these changes, investing in some high-quality photographs or videos will not only make your ad more engaging but can also increase clicks and engagement. Hiring a designer will help you create creative graphics which can elevate your ad’s conversion rate and make it stand out from competitors’.

Use some imagination. Tell a story about your brand.

Take a look at some of your competitors’. What sets them apart from you? Do you want to be seen as different? Think about your goals, and the message you want to send. This is where you will find the budget for hiring graphic designers, photographers and videographers. Try to get in touch with their platforms and see how much Likes their posts get.

Hiring a creative person will help you gain maximum visibility on the internet. With emphasis on that, hire someone who has experience in the field of graphic design and advertising. If you are unaware of the fact that there are many companies out there that have the ability to create great graphics, I must tell you that they do exist. Just make sure to know their name so that you can get it approved from them directly before you start creating your ads.

After all, marketing was never about pressing 2-3 buttons and make hundreds of dollars. Nowadays you can’t just do that anymore. It takes a lot of knowledge and effort to pull big money from your small business. This is why it’s important that you start thinking about advertising, not just making advertisements but creating ads that are well-thought out, which allow you to stand out from competition.

Marketing has changed a lot and in this regards, there were two kinds of marketing campaigns. We used to see them from an unlimited number of companies, now we only see those that make it to the top charts, which are not so much focused on generating the best results for their campaigns.

Nowadays it seems you’ve got to do a lot of work, that you need to market and all that stuff. But what if I told you that, before your start learning how to make money online with Facebook ads, it is actually more about finding out who can help/get results for you – relevant people as mentioned above.

Try to make some unique content ads.

Use broad targeting as targeting or grow an email list that you can upload on Facebook to create special custom audiences.

Facebook ads are one of the best ways to drive traffic and sales. They are cost-effective, easy to use and effective against competitors. However, when you start running standard ad campaigns, you’ll find that they don’t perform as well as you thought they would because you’re using the same old format for each campaign or maybe just using one Canva image or some boring videos.

So the magic formula which is not magic at all but it’s really simple is:

  • Creative video ad usually with people sharing their experience after they used your product or service explaining how that really helped them with their daily routine.
  • Great copywriting on your ads, you don’t need to talk like machine, after all your clients or future clients are humans not robots.
  • Use a great offer, remember no one likes people that sell products or services straight forward , everyone likes to win make them an offer so good they will feel stupid to say no. For example, don’t sell just one product people can find on Amazon, Flipkart etc, instead create a bundle.
  • Create a really nice landing page where you explain every small detail about your product or service.
  • Campaign Budget Optimisation (CBO) or Ad Budget Optimisation (ABO) or how you can improve performance ? Irrelevant if you don’t follow these rules.
  • Remember Facebook ads was always about experience.

Great examples of Facebook ads that work

creative facebook ad

This campaign illustrates a pain point for employees (pointless meetings) in a funny way, capturing its audience’s attention at first sight. 

using human in the facebook ad

Hubspot is using real people and real event in their advertisement.

creative facebook ad

This NGO, focusing on the early detection of breast cancer, came up with a clever way to raise awareness for the disease by using lemons to represent the warning signs of breast cancer. The result is an ad that is simple, eye-catching, and memorable for viewers. 

Not just a Cadbury ad’: Shah Rukh Khan turns brand ambassador for local businesses.

It’s that simple! Now you can start running your ads and targeting the people you want to with ease. I hope you find my post interesting, if you have questions I will be more than happy to help.

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