Get Started with Digital Recruitment Strategy

Get Started with Digital Recruitment Strategy

Digital Recruitment Strategy

Digital recruitment strategy is taking over its traditional counterpart. The big corporates – large and middle, business have long shifted their traditional recruitment strategy to the modern technology-based path. And if your organisation has not started leveraging the benefits of the digital recruitment process, its time to rethink and reorganise

According to 2019 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends, 70% of the recruiters stated that talent acquisition is a major problem and is going to remain so in 2022. The report also says that ineffective recruiting technology and creating an appealing job offer are some of the reasons that lead to a challenging recruitment process.

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown the importance of hiring remote which accentuates the use of the right technology to grow.

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The use of technology in recruitment is growing and recruiters are going to get help from technology and use it more in the coming years. Most HR Professionals expect technology to play an increasing role in recruiting activities in the next three years, with 87% expecting to increase in the role of technology for sourcing, 83% for screening and 75% for candidate assessment.

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What is Digital Recruitment?

Digital Recruitment, in simple words, can be defined as a way of using the technology to source, assess, select and recruit candidates for vacant positions.

Starting from advertising to attracting the right talent for the job, from screening to conducting assessment and hiring are all parts of digital recruitment methods.

Recruiters use various digital platforms for this purpose – social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook and job portals, company websites and so on… Although businesses are using digital recruitment methods, they are facing various challenges to make the most of it. Hence, businesses and corporates need to create a strong and effective digital recruitment strategy that would save time and resources and at the same time, help find the best talent.

Steps to Strengthen Digital Recruitment Strategy

There are several ways to improve the digital recruitment strategy, and one of the best ways to keep it efficient is to remain data-driven and persistent.

Consider these steps to improve your digital recruitment strategy and get the best candidates from the market.

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Analyse your company’s recruitment data
It is a good idea to analyse your company’s existing digital recruitment strategies and performance. To do this collect information about sourcing platforms and other tools and technologies your company currently uses.

Conduct a competitor analysis
Find out and compare your competitors’ recruitment strategies. To find out apply jobs on your competitor’s site and see how they execute the whole process from an applicant’s point of view.

Meet your recruitment team
Ask your HR team about how they write a job description, screen the process, what tools they use for assessing the candidates and how they interact with candidates. And most importantly, find out if they keep track of the work in a unified platform for later use. This will help to know the current state of your digital recruitment strategy.

Candidate source research
To build an effective digital recruitment strategy, you need to ensure your job advertisements are noticed by applicants. There is no point in publishing job advertisement where the number of visits by job seekers are low. At the same time, you must also watch your recruiting teams are active on social sites, job portals and third-party channels where you get applicants from.

Connect with peers and colleagues.
The more you interact with your colleagues from similar fields and build relationships with people, the better you become when it comes to digital recruitment strategies. You can also follow successful recruiters in your favourite social media channel and seek advice from them and share your ideas.

Reward employee referrals
Employee referrals are good for business. It is a known phenomenon that high performers always refer to other high-performers. To create an employee referral program that is central to employee recognition. Reward your employees to let them know that their effort and contributions are valued. And by incentivising your employees for their referrals, you are not only attracting talent, but you are also retaining top performers and boosting employee morale for better productivity.

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Create Digital Recruitment Campaign

Once you have collected data from the above steps, you are now ready to apply the best strategies to your digital recruitment activity. To fully utilise the digital recruitment process, focus on the following key areas:

1. Create a mobile-friendly website

People are using their mobile phones instead of desktops to apply for jobs. According to the Economic Research report published by Glassdoor, 58% of users use mobile phones to search and apply for jobs. And this is the reason you need to create a responsive website with a mobile-friendly website design.

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2. Go Social

Going social is not your choice anymore. It is about how can you do it better than others. If you post your job advertisements only on your websites and the job portals and not on social media, your chance of finding the job with the right talents is far less. Publish vacancies with attractive, accurate and creative descriptions on the social networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. According to the Robert Walters Whitepaper, 54% of the applicants check professional social networking sites for career opportunities.

3. Customise recruitment plan

Customise your recruitment plans keeping the organisation goals and objectives in mind. There are thousands of different methods to use when it comes to digital recruitment but not everything and all are suitable for your company. You should work out and determine which strategy works best for you.

4. Aim for better candidate experience

The role of the recruiter has shifted from traditional paperwork and manual interview process to more progressive roles. HR managers, recruitment agencies and organisations are now leveraging the power of technology to give their candidates a better experience. You can use an Application Tracking System (ATS) to streamline the entire application process. This will save your organisation time and money.

The future of Digital Recruitment Strategy

Digital technology is already reshaping the recruitment process. It is meant to empower recruiters by bringing more transparency into the whole system. As we have seen, research data shows that the role of technology will grow in all aspects of recruitment. With the changes that COVID-19 brought, we ought to see companies switching to search for remote workers, which will surely accentuate the role of technology even more.

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