Sourcing & Placements

Experience unparalleled excellence with D&B Placements’ Sourcing and Placement service, where we redefine recruitment by seamlessly connecting exceptional talent with progressive organisations. Our strategic sourcing methodology goes beyond the conventional, unearthing hidden gems in the talent pool through an extensive network and cutting-edge tools. When it comes to placement, we tailor solutions with precision, ensuring not only a match in skills but a harmonious fit with your company culture. 

Talent Acquisition

Embark on a transformative journey with D&B Placements’ Talent Acquisition service, where precision meets personalisation. Our seasoned HR specialists bring a strategic and innovative approach to finding top-tier talent tailored to your unique organisational needs. With a global reach extending to India and Nepal, we seamlessly blend local expertise with a keen understanding of diverse markets. At D&B Placements, we go beyond filling positions – we forge lasting partnerships, ensuring your team is not just skilled but aligned with your company’s vision. Choose us for expertise that matters, a strategic long-term vision, and innovation-driven solutions, and let us elevate your workforce to new heights of success.

Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing utilises technology to source, assess, select, and recruit candidates for open positions. Digital recruitment techniques like AI and social media make hiring simpler, easier, and more efficient for employers and applicants alike. With our expertise in digital platforms and employer branding, we can help companies attract, engage, and retain top talent by maintaining a strong online presence, leveraging social media campaigns, PPC, email, videos, chatbots, and more. We aim to connect businesses with the best candidates so they can hire right and propel growth.

D&B Placements is fully committed to Diversity and Inclusion and the fair and equal treatment of our employees and candidates.