The Cost of Digital Marketing in Siliguri - 2022

The Cost of Digital Marketing in Siliguri – 2022

cost of digital marketing in siliguri

On average the cost of digital marketing in Siliguri starts from Rs 5,000 to Rs. 10,000 per month. As this is an average price, the price of the service can vary from company to company and on a requirement basis. Most of the companies take into account of the particulars of your social media marketing project and channels you wish to use for marketing.

From our own research, we have figured out the cost of digital marketing in Siliguri as follows:-

List updated in May 2022.

Service ProvidedMin. CostMax. CostDuration
Digital Marketing₹ 12,000₹ 40,000Per month
Social media management₹ 5,000₹ 10,000Per month
Search Engine Optimisation₹ 3,000₹ 12,000Per keyword
Search Engine Marketing ₹ 3,000₹ 10,000Per month
Website design & development₹ 7,000₹ 80,000Per project
Graphic Design₹ 2,500₹ 8,000Per project
Social Media Post design₹ 1,500₹ 3,500per project
Pay-per-click Advertisement (PPC ad)5%20%Ad spend
Email Marketing₹ 3,000₹ 15,000Per campaign
Logo Design₹ 5,000₹ 10,000Per project
Content Writing₹ 2,500₹ 8,000Per page (A4)
Source – Information collected from research

With the dynamic growth of digital marketing, it’s no surprise that more and more businesses are looking for trusted digital marketing agencies, like Digital & Beyond. The question is, how much should you spend on the digital marketing?

cost of digital marketing
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The answer depends on the several factors of your business requirements, such as your marketing budget, goals and objectives. Keep in mind that every digital marketing price is different, depending on the agency. The list above is based on a combination of general research and our own pricing.

Hiring a digital marketing professional in India means that you can benefit from their knowledge and years of marketing experience. When it comes to the fast-changing world of digital media, a social media strategist can be of utmost help in putting together a communication strategy for your business.

You don’t have to be an expert in digital marketing yourself but can focus on the service that you require to maintain your business.

Deciding to pursue digital marketing is the best decision you have taken for your business. But you may wonder what types of things it can do with your social media strategy and which goals you should prioritise.

But this help does come with a cost. Several factors can influence your digital marketing budget such as social media channels, time and frequency of social media posts, location etc.

Digital marketing campaigns to do wonders for your business, either it is engaging with your customers, promoting your sales, or simply getting your brand out. You can feel like a daunting task to get started, but with professional expertise, you can be confident in what you are doing.

Are you ready to start digital marketing? Go ahead and contact us online or chat with one of our specialist team members who can tailor-make your marketing strategy for your business needs. You can Whatsapp us at +91 8710045975

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