How our SEO strategy increased organic traffic by 105% for a Garden Retailer

Case Study: SEO for Gardening Shop website

The client, an online retailer of garden products in local community, approached us with the goal of increasing their organic traffic and improving their search engine rankings. As a SEO experts, we were intrigued by this challenge and eager to help them out.

Our team of SEO experts began by conducting a comprehensive analysis of their website. We identified technical SEO issues and performed keyword research to identify potential target keywords. We also analysed their competitors’ websites to see what was working well for them. This helped us to understand the market and come up with a strategy that would help our client stand out from their competitors.

After identifying the key areas of improvement, we implemented an on-page optimisation strategy. This involved optimising the website title tags, meta descriptions, headers, and content to target relevant keywords. We also fixed technical issues such as broken links, duplicate content, and slow loading times. This helped to improve the website’s overall performance and made it more user-friendly.

In addition, we created a content strategy that focused on creating high-quality, informative blog posts related to the sports equipment industry. These blog posts were optimised for relevant keywords and included internal links to relevant product pages on the website. This helped to improve the website’s authority and made it more attractive to search engines.

To further improve the website’s authority, we also worked on building high-quality backlinks from reputable sources in the floriculture & gardening industry. This helped to improve the website’s credibility and made it more trustworthy in the eyes of search engines.

As a result of our efforts, the client’s organic traffic increased by 105% in just three months. This was a significant increase in revenue for the client and helped them to stand out from their competitors. The website search engine rankings improved significantly for target keywords, and the client reported an increase in traffic and sales.

Overall, the success of this project was due to our comprehensive SEO strategy. We identified key areas of improvement, optimised on-page elements, created high-quality content, and built high-quality backlinks. This helped to improve the website’s overall performance and made it more attractive to search engines. As a local business partner of the community retailer, Digital & Beyond is proud to have been a part of this project and to have helped the client achieve their goals.

If you’re struggling to generate high-quality traffic for your website, our team of SEO experts can help. Contact us today to learn how we can create a comprehensive SEO strategy tailored to your business needs and help you increase your organic traffic and improve your search engine rankings. Don’t wait, take the first step towards success today!

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