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Case Study #25

Kirthi & Co, a leading auditing company, was facing challenges in attracting qualified candidates for their open positions. Traditional recruitment methods were not yielding the desired results, and they struggled to stand out in a competitive job market. They needed a fresh approach to reach a wider pool of talent and enhance their employer brand.

Solution: Our team partnered with Kirthi & Co to implement a comprehensive recruitment marketing strategy. We conducted a thorough analysis of their target audience, competitors, and industry trends to develop a tailored approach. Here’s how we transformed their recruitment efforts:

  1. Employer Branding: We crafted a compelling employer brand narrative that showcased Kirthi & Co as an employer of choice. This included highlighting their unique company culture, values, career development opportunities, and employee benefits. We refreshed their employer brand messaging across various channels, including their careers website, social media profiles, and job advertisements.
  2. Targeted Job Ad Campaigns: We created targeted job ad campaigns using digital platforms and job boards to reach specific candidate segments. By utilising advanced targeting techniques, we ensured that the job ads reached relevant candidates with the desired skills and qualifications. This increased the visibility of Kirthi & Co’s open positions among the right talent pool.
  3. Social Media Engagement: We leveraged social media platforms to engage with potential candidates and build a community around the Kirthi & Co brand. We shared engaging content, including employee testimonials, company updates, and industry insights, to generate interest and attract talent. This helped create a positive impression of Kirthi & Co as an employer and increased candidate engagement.
  4. Optimised Careers Website: We revamped Kirthi & Co’s careers website to provide a seamless user experience and make it easy for candidates to explore job opportunities and submit applications. We optimised the website for search engines to improve organic visibility, ensuring that potential candidates could find Kirthi & Co’s career page easily.


The implementation of the recruitment marketing strategy resulted in significant improvements for Kirthi & Co:

  • Increase in Qualified Candidates: The targeted job ad campaigns attracted a higher volume of qualified candidates, leading to a stronger candidate pool to choose from.
  • Enhanced Employer Brand Perception: Through strategic employer branding initiatives, Kirthi & Co’s reputation as an employer of choice was strengthened, making them more attractive to top talent.
  • Improved Candidate Engagement: The social media engagement efforts fostered a sense of community and increased interaction with potential candidates, resulting in higher levels of engagement and interest in job opportunities.
  • Streamlined Recruitment Process: The optimised careers website improved the candidate experience, making it easier to navigate and apply for positions, resulting in a more efficient and streamlined recruitment process.


By leveraging recruitment marketing strategies, Kirthi & Co successfully transformed their recruitment efforts, attracting qualified candidates, enhancing their employer brand, and streamlining their recruitment process. Our strategic approach and targeted campaigns helped them stand out in the competitive job market and secure the right talent to drive their business forward.

If you’re looking to revitalise your recruitment efforts, our recruitment marketing services can help you achieve exceptional results. Contact us today to discuss how we can partner with you to meet your hiring goals and find the best talent for your organisation.

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